Sunday 3rd October. I'm Back...In Dubai that is!

Yes, here I am back in Dubai, sitting around waiting for my flight and writing my blog!
Finally, finally I am on my way to Tanzania and what a whirlwind journey I have been on. The last 24hours or so before I flew out of Melbourne was spent with my family and friends. Friday night we gathered at Mum's in Ballarat and talked and laughed and talked and laughed and shared a wonderful night full of beautiful memories. Thank you everyone for filling my farewell with so much love and kindness. I know I am going to miss you heaps but knowing that you are with me in spirit is going to get me through the challenges I will encounter.

Having flown to Melbourne with Lynnie, Doug and Jessie their dog, and kindly collected by Doyle taxi service extrordonaire.... I have since done the following:
: coffees, lunches,visits and drinks with and to my Victorian family and friends..
: watched both Grandfinals. The first nailbiter was with the BMG gang  and then I cheered the Pies to a win with Gem, Dyl and Alexis today. So nice to be all packed to go and chill brieflywith my kids
: had 2 Osteopath appointments and slowly realised improvement in my dmamged body's mobility and strength..thankfully!
: spent precious time with Mum needed!
: Spent time with my wonderful neices and nephews building cubby houses and loving their enthusiasm at being kids!
: shared precious hours with Aidan and Kiz. Thanks for driving down from Hotham after work..arriving at Gran's at 11pm, sharing breakfast then heading back up the Mountain at 9.30am! 
: visited Dad on a sunny Spring morning....and the sheep and lambs were bleeting.
: cheered that Trav arrived in Melbourne safely then shed a tear when his heart stopped because the oil pump stopped working and no blood flowed. We didn't know to help him because the warning lights didn't stay on! I organised a heart transplant for Trav.
: during the 12 days I managed to tick off all the things on my list of things to do.  Poor Mum....I think she is as exhausted as me....Thanks for all your running around, support and patience and love Mum. Without you I know I wouldn't have been ready.
: went shopping with my sisters who know how to get a good bargain and bacame a Pod girl!...such a neat little touch screen IPod!
: packed my rucksac and suitcase....then Gem helped me repack and ruthlessly cut down on kilos. Thanks Bloss...we are both getting better but still, when we got to the airport we had to reduce the weight. I ended up wearing my motor bike boots and jacket and leaving behind more things...I probably didn't need them anyway!

As I dragged myself away from of the hardest farewells I have eyes were leaking rapidly as I walked through the International doors. Behind these doors the security guy made me unpack my cabin bag and weigh the contents separately. My helmet, Kelly and the technology I was taking was too heavy! At this point that I nearly fell apart! I looked at the guy through blurred vision, stunned! I'm sure that he took pity on the pathetic face that must have been staring at him because he changed his expression, helped me gather up my things, packed them back into my cabin bag, helped me put my bike jacket on and kindly told me to have a nice day! I poked my head back around the corner to let Gem know I was OK, then bravely marched on through the security checks. I must have looked so funny in my bikkie gear, helmet tucked under my arm, dragging my bag and limping my way slowly to gate 11!
I had time to regain my confidence, change back into my runners then excitedly meet up with Susan, from New Zealand, my fellow Tanzanian volunteer with whom I am travelling to Africa!
....And so my African Journey has begun! My love and thanks to everyone who has helped me stay sane and actually get this far! I love you heaps. xxxxx


  1. Well done, Fran - you've done so well to get there (not to mention recovering from a motorbike accident, for pity's sake!), and I'm so looking forward to reading about your adventures over there!

    Safe travels, and I will keep an eye out for your next update! Oh, and regarding any challenges you might're a Bruty and you can do ANYTHING! :-D



  2. Hi Fran,
    Great to hear your recovering and now off on your adventure. All the very best wishes to you. I hope this time away is full of adventure and lives up to all your expectations have a wonderful time. I look forward to reading your blogs. Keep safe Jennifer.


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