Tuesday 26 October. Day 2. Farewell Wendy; Back to Mikadi Beach.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOYLE BOYS.....Chris AND Zac!!! ....Hongera! Nitanywa bai Kili mbili baridi!Congratulations! I will drink 2 cold Kili beers!
I am finding that being 8 hours behind Australia (Vic) and not having reliable access to the internet is challenging in keeping up with daily events. Thanks to those of you who have been able to text me and keep me on track. Please forgive me if I overlook an important date (....but you are not allowed to overlook any of my important dates!!!!!! Lol!)
Wendy’s friendship, wealth of local knowledge and support in using Kiswahili has been encouraging and has helped me on my steep learning curve. It was sad to farewell her as she set off for Zanzibar but reassuring that we will meet again in Dar at the annual VSO conference early December. On completion of the conference, I am going out to stay with her and explore Zanzibar in anticipation of sharing Christmas with many of the other Vols who are heading out there......and, of course....being with Gem!
Tom, Mike and I, helmets under our arms, found Temeke Posta daladala and undertook our first ride to VETA. We correctly negotiated the return ride as well....I even travelled on my own! Easy! Day 2 was focused on gaining confidence in our control of the piki piki. Between the three of us, we maximised our riding time, and could see our improvement by the end of the 2 hours.
Kavuta had arranged to take me to Mikadi beach after training so he was waiting for me at Econo Lodge. We crossed the waterway on the ferry in his taxi then enjoyed several hours of swimming in the warm refreshing water and relaxing in the warm breeze as the sun set over Dar. Not having spent much time in the water, Kavuta enjoyed my coaching and is determined to practise hard. Swimming is not an easy skill for Africans to master. Kavuta is very patient and good at English so we spent all our time conversing in Kiswahili. He says it is very good for him to practice English too.Maybe this private tutoring will help both of us!
Having lost my room mate, I had to down size my room at Econo Lodge. I went from a spacious, 3 bedroom on second floor to a little hot box way up on 5th floor. Room #503 faces the afternoon sun with only a small fan to move the otherwise still, heavy warm air. Once again I am fortunate that I easily adapt to warm climates! It is clean and spacious enough for one small person!

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  1. Fran, I'm SO enjoying reading all your updates...you describe it all so vividly that as I read, it's like a little movie in my head! Not sure if that makes sense, but it is DEFINITELY a good thing!

    Looking forward to reading more as you are able to update!

    Be well!



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