October 16. Celebrations and Cooking African style

I woke at 4am and realised that it was midday in Australia.....Midday on October 16th....Aidan’s 24th birthday! Unfortunately I don’t have access to making international calls yet so had to make do with sending a text to share my wishes and love for his special day.
The best way to help you understand today is to relate it to camping without electricity! It was reminiscent of camping at Morna using only the open fire and the camp ovens.
We used coal fires and put the hot coals on top of the saucepans to create an oven effect....but that’s where the similarities ended!
We learned how to: use the following utensils... ungo, chekeche, sinia, kisu, crack open a coconut and save its milk then shred its flesh using a small seat with a sharp toothed end on its handle, milk the flesh of its juices and strain the flesh using a chujio lanazi then use the thick milk to cook Wali ne nazi (coconut rice); prepare Mchicha (spinach like plant); use the small stoves efficiently; prepare Pilauya Njegere (pilau of green peas.....and we added lots of other begs too!); Mahitaji (savoury rice); ugali and mutanda (fruit salad)
Many laughs were had throughout the morning then we finally sat down together and shared our feast!
Dragonaires, a local restaurant/bar, does pizza on Saturday nights so we relaxed there and celebrated Fredrique and Elizabet’s 7th wedding anniversary, Aidan’s 24th and the end to a very successful first week at Language school.!

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