Monday. Day 1 Piki Piki training.

Individual meetings, some things sorted out, a visit to Slipway to buy myself some informative books on Tanzania as well as its wildlife, then off to VETA (Vocational Education Training Academy) to meet Pastor Channi and begin our training.
 The Honda XL 125 was a kick start manual which was a bit tricky to start but has been faithful since! Fe, from the Phillipines had only trained on a semi automatic so was a bit challenged with this bike. Tom, (Ireland) and Mike, (UK), did their training as I did but fortunately came out of it still in one piece!! I didn’t know that I was anxious about getting back on the bike however, after successfully riding up and back the narrow section of our training track, completing two tight turns and avoiding wandering students, I dismounted and began shaking. I was so relieved to have the ‘first ride’ over with!! I was fine along the straight but when I had to turn I nearly panicked. I was taking a corner when I had my accident and as I turned on this first ride, I could almost feel the bike sliding out from under me! Looking cool, confident and in control, I was a wreck inside but.....I got back on again and again and again. Gradually the shakes subsided. I was sooo happy to be back on a bike as I know I enjoy it and that I can ride. I am looking forward to the remainder of the week.
I had arranged for Kavuta, Susan’s taxi driving friend to collect us. Having left the others at Econo Lodge, I continued on to Mwenge where Wendy had been stocking up on supplies to take over to Zanzibar. Tracey, Sadie and Belle joined us for dinner and sundowners as they live within walking distance from this shopping mall. It was great to see them again as they had left Morogoro after the Safari and missed the second week. They were looking forward to Bruce’s parents from Canada, joining them later that night.

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