Sunday 24/10/2010

Leo ni Jumapili, Tarehe ishirini na nne Mweziwa tisa Mwaka elfu mbili na kumi.
Today is Sunday 24th October 2010.

This was our departure day from Language School. The bus was due to leave: Saa tatu (9 o’clock) however I had decided that I wanted to go to the church service held at the Boys’ Seminary on the adjoining property to Amabilis. I joined Caroline at Saa moja nanusu (7:30am) and shared the inspiring 1 ½ hours of song and service. As it was a Catholic service, both Caroline and I were able to follow the sequence and actually recognise many of the Kiswahili words. We still have a long way to go before we can follow the whole service word for word but we were excited to feel a part of it...not just onlookers! The boys’ voices were mesmerising and still caressing our ears as we left them behind and hurried back to Amabilis to board the waiting bus and begin our journey back to Dar!

As I collected my bags from my room I came across Francesca. She is one of the gorgeous young girls who work at Amabilis. We have had a bit of a thing going between us ever since she learned that we have the same name (nijina). We have laughed our way through stilted conversations trying to help each understand the other. As I farewelled her, I slipped the shell bracelet from my wrist onto her wrist and was thanked with her biggest, widest of those priceless moments!

It was an easier trip back as the day wasn’t quite as hot as it had been when we travelled out. I certainly appreciate my new little IPod on these journeys!

Almost every newish car is a Toyota. Trav would certainly feel at home in Tanzania as most Toyotas are Rav 4’s! I have seen so many similar to him but none with a moonroof, driving lights or tow pack! All other cars on the roads are much older and have a whole lot of character!

Once settled in to Econo Lodge, Wendy and I headed back to 56 Bhog for Indian Dosas...cooked as we watched on, then delivered to us within 5 minutes of us ordering. The quick, cheap, filling meal we needed before we fell into bed, relieved to be horizontal!

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