New Tanzanian mobile number!

Just to confuse thos of you who are trying to contact me here in Tanzania....I have purchased another sim card through Zantel as my modm for the computer will be though Zantel as well. I am hoping that this provider will give me better coverage than the Vodacom one. It is the one I will use the most however, I will check the other number occassionally.
Please change your contact number to: (+255 = Tanzania. If you are messaging from Australia you might have to put another code infront...please let me know in a comment so that others in Aus will know too!!)


I have just spent 2 hours in the internet cafe and achieved very is so slow to upload pics so I'm sorry that they are limited...When I get my own modem it will be easier to get vision to you!
We are heading off to a bar now to celebrate our Piki achievements. We all took a pillion passenger throughout the grounds of VETA today. The two boys  each had me on behind and because I took my life into their hands and gave them an easy pillion they each owe me bai baridi moja! ONE COLD BEER!


  1. Ok, I've been dedicated and caught up on all your blogs...sounds pretty amazing and hard work learning the language...I'm very impressed!
    Sounds like the girls already love you there and I'm sure you will have lots of attention all the time!
    Yes, we're just about to gear up for Oaks Day here...we'll miss you tho! (Am also going to Derby Day but the weather report is 12 months rain expected on that day so that should be challenging!)
    Keep having fun and enjoying! Love Prue

  2. Hi Prue.....Happy birthday for 3rd! I will be thinking of you as I coach the SEGA girls swimming then head back to the school to teach them English. Did you find out the Tanzanian school the Melb vols were at? We have some 17-18 yr old Melb Vols @ The International school where the pool is here in Morogoro? Carmella and Elana have met them. It would be amazing if they were your friends! Cheers and thanks for sharing my journey. xxx


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