9-10 October. Morogoro.

Saturday. Bus from Dar to Morogoro

With bags packed and ready to leave Econo Lodge, had a late breakfast a Chef’s Pride. I had a full cooked breakfast and was thankful that I did as I didn’t eat again until dinner.
VSO bussed us out to the bus depot about 45 minutes from Econo Lodge. The depot very busy as it was Saturday afternoon. Bargaining occurred to allow us to take our bus into the depot. Just as well because I would never have been able to carry all my bags the distance to our designated bus, let alone negotiate the traffic and people!
Andre (King of Pemba!) guarding our gear
Slowly we made our way out of the thick city traffic. When the bus stopped in the traffic, which it did very often, men selling bottles of water, apples, cashews, towels, drinks, peanuts, ice creams, oranges...etc.etc... would appear below the windows, hold their boxes of goods up at our eye level and try to make a sale. As we moved further out of the city, the men would board the bus when it stopped and again bargain their goods. Easy shopping for us but a very hard way to make a living!
Nearly 4 hours of weary travel found us approaching Morogoro on sunset. How lucky I was to experience my first glimpse of the town, in which I am going to spend the next 2 years, in such a stunning light! I fell in love with it immediately. Needless to say, the backdrop of rugged mountains added to my positive response.

Everyone was relieved to find our accommodation; the Amabilis Centre, clean and in a safe area. It is a monastery in the Kilakala area on the Old Dar Es Salaam road. The sisters were welcoming and helpful.

Sunday: Gospel Singers. Exploring Morogoro

An unbelievable start!...
I couldn’t believe my ears as I woke to the sound of African Gospel singers. I quickly made my way out onto the balcony to witness their song and dance. At first I had thought there might have been a service at the monastery however I was to learn later that they were making a film promoting the understanding of HIV/AIDs.
We went exploring on foot through the local area and wound our way higher and higher above the town, passed a church service and its singing,

and the local houses many made from red mud or mud bricks.

L - R: Fredrique, Tracey, Elizabet(front) Hazel, Benji, Mike, Wendy, Mae, Andre, Fran, Adrian, Belle.

 Later in the day we walked into town, passed the Post Office, the oval where a friendly soccer game was being held and sourced out many other relevant landmarks. I bargained at the fruit and veg market for my first purchases of a mango and an avocado! Both pieces were bargained down from 1000 Tanzanian shillings to 500 Tsh. I am really lucky to have such an extensive market here!

We met after lunch and were given an overview of the week to come. 3 groups: Simba - Lion, Tembo -Elephant and Kiboko - Hippo were created with me being a Hippo!! Tracey and I were designated in charge of organising the food venues for when we eat out.

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