28-29 October: Piki Graduation!

Thursday 28 October.• Piki – riding pillion. Slalom bottles. 56 Bohg for Vegetarian Indian dinner of my favourite Dosas. Gary rang sharing news from Miami

Friday 29 October.

• HONGERA ANDREW....Happy Birthday Universal!

• Daladala to Mwenge. Then to Mbongo. Shopping Mall. Bought supplies. Met Sadie for an ice cream. Kavuta drove us home. Late lunch at Chef’s Pride. Evie rang on way to getting daladalas..So excited to get a phone call from home. Pastor Chammi very late. Maurice joined us. Graduated. Pics and off to see the Principal of VETA to sign his visitors’ book. Received certificates.
Fe, Pastor Chammi, Tom, The student trainee, Mike, Me, Maurice.
A relatively quick ride home left for Cliff side Hotel to celebrate graduation....took 1 hour to actually get on a daladala then another hour to get to Slipway....foleni: TRAFFIC JAMS....peak hour..... Sun had set so gave up on going to Cliffside. Went to Double Tree Hilton hotel where Bruce was tinkling the ivories, serenading the visitors to the hotel. We appropriately danced our way into his arena and enjoyed our first Kili’s with him and his music. Down to Slipway to Mzungu land where we met Tracey, Belle, Sadie and Bruce’s Mum & Dad who are visiting Tanzania for a holiday. We all joined Bruce and enjoyed his amazing talent and a few cool ones to continue celebrating. Taxi home!

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  1. Hey Fran Alex has decided to come and visit you on his travels to Africa...he wasn't going to but I've been encouraging him that it would be so fantastic to catch up with you and that he could be my proxy! He's also really keen, and he and his friend Lachy have just booked flights to Dar Es Salaam. He thinks they land on Feb 2 so he'll have to work out how to get to you! (Maybe you'll have some hints!) I'm very excited he'll hopefully see you...(I hope you are!!!!). Anyway, put those dates in your diary...
    Love Prue


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