Wed 4 Nov. Swimming!

The late start of 10 am at The International School Pool meant that we had time to make crepes for breakfast....Elena and Camilla are wonderfully enthusiastic cooks with a few more weeks’ experience of cooking Tanzanian style than me! We had only just started cooking when Rehema arrived very early to collect us and walk us to the pool. We were still in our jim jams!

It wasn’t an issue for anyone so we continued and eventually shared our gourmet breakfast with Rehema. It was a lovely start to what was to become a very big day! Rehema had brought us some sugar cane and taught us how to peel it efficiently. I have driven past paddock after paddock of sugarcane in TNQ but have never actually chewed fresh cane! It’s delicious, very sweet and refreshing especially if you don’t have access to fresh water to quench your thirst!
We walked the 10 minutes (I thought it was much further!) to the pool where the girls were eagerly awaiting us! Bathing costumes varied enormously....(I think it would be easier for the girls to swim in their birthday suits....We were hidden behind high fences and, as none of the girls have bathers, their challenge to come up with something suitable was evident...oh well....atleast most of them had their thighs covered, which is their only real concern!) Strong kicking and blowing bubbles were the focus and we all laughed our way through a fun morning. A super quick rinse of my hair and chlorine off my skin, change into my dress, onto the bus then immediately into English with this class of pre-formal girls. Introductions with the pics again, and again the 100’s of, what we would class as personal, questions but what they expect as vital information to be shared.
My class after lunch was with Form 1 in Civics during which we were exploring ‘Why Work is important for Development.’ An easy, group based lesson. After lunch, Matron was plaiting (I can't remember the African term for it!) and some of the girls patiently taught me how to do it. They are in the process of making bookmarks for their sponsors. They are so quick and neat...I need more practice!

The girls were waiting at home for me to take them shopping. A daladala ride into town: Kitangai introduction for them to the bigger supermarket in town... daladala... tailor and self designed, cheaply tailored dresses and bags...the girls were thrilled!....daladala into town.....find the right daladalas out to home.....home exhausted but excited.....dinner was easy with freshly bought mtindi (a sloppy but yummy yoghurt), banana and crunchy muesli!

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