Friday 12/11 Core Values.

An integral part of knowing what is right and wrong is to establish and take ownership of the core values of our particular group.
Our focus this week on leadership was an appropriate introduction to the activity which took place Friday morning.
The staff enabled the students to work in 8 groups mixing Non-formals with Form 1’s to discuss at length what they considered the values that were very important at SEGA. Having created their lists the groups were able to share their initial lists with another group. Whilst these 4 groups discussed and combined their ideas and established one list, the teachers moved between the groups encouraging, supporting and prompting extended thinking.

The girls were very focused and animated in their discussions and passionate about what they saw as being important behaviour and appropriate thinking and behaviour. The process was productive and gave the teachers the skeleton from which to establish a list of Core Values which will become the foundation of all behaviour in future: An essential tool which will be used to support goal setting/ expectations/ discipline, consequences etc. Because the girls have been actively involved in establishing these core values they will be encouraged to take responsibility for ensuring they are embraced. I know I will appreciate this fact in nurturing leadership in each student. It was encouraging to see the current staff using this interactive approach and being willing to ask for and listen to my ideas and input.

Having completed their active role in this process the girls were shown by Mustafa (SEGA’s temporary gardener) how and where to plant the many new flowers/trees and plants which had arrived the previous day.
The following hour was filled with a frenzy of activity as the girls dug, planted, laughed and watered the new plants into place. Such a quick transformation and the girls beamed with pride as they walked me around and showed me all their work. It is evident that they take great pride in their environment. They are anxious that the plants might die as the harsh conditions have seen this happen previously to their hard work. They are each assigned to a particular section of the school and water this both morning and evening. The compost is actively tended and they all know why it is so valuable. I am looking forward to witnessing the growth when the rains arrive!

Friday afternoon our staff meeting took place in the canteen. during this time a dust storm unfolded resulting in all of us wearing a thick layer of red dust! Unbeknown to me, until I spoke later with the girls at home, that SEGA was experiencing the edge of a rainstorm which had hit Morogoro. Our house was in its path. This was the first experience of a tropical storm for Elena and Camilla. Unfortunately SEGA didn’t benefit from this downpour! Our kitchen and passage flooded giving an indication of what needs to be done before the rains arrive! Having completed some the tasks Polly had requested, we were able to hand over to her the resultant videos/interviews/written memories of 2008-2010; satisfied that we had been productive with purpose.
Renee, a VSO vol who works with deaf students in Dodoma (and was our wonderful support on arrival and during week 1 in Dar) arrive in Moro after dark so we caught a taxi to Dragonaires. Pressed for time, Elena and Camilla, heading out for a night at the Disco with some local friends, packed their pizzas into takeaway boxes and departed. They were not really sure of what this experience was going to involve nevertheless they were excited to be doing what the Moro’s do on the weekend!
The night introduced me to other mzungus, some teaching in Dodoma and others here in Moro at the International School. I am looking forward to meeting more of their friends in future.

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