Tuesday 2 Nov. Day #2 SEGA.

I opened my eyes to discover the sun pouring through one of my windows and the sight of the majestic tree in my garden backed by the hazy mountains through the other window. I could hear the rooster crowing and the birds singing outside. I lay there for a few minutes marvelling at the fact that I am surrounded by such beauty and that I felt so safe. I seem to be surrounded by kind generous people.
I walked the 5 minutes along the dusty track where I was to catch the school bus at 7.20am. Mama Pili lives in the grass hut near the stop and is always so happy to see us. She waves excitedly and always asks what we are doing and where we are going...in Kiswahili! I am learning! Pili is one of our students. Thankfully Rahema was at the bus stop with me as I am not sure that I would have known which daladala I needed to catch. As it turned out, the bus driver was ready for me and helped me converse in Kiswahili all the way to school!
Preparation for classes, a staff meeting to discuss some challenges with the girls, morning break of bread rolls and peanut butter with hot, black sweetened tea (it reminded me of the thermos tea we used to share with Dad during harvesting when Mum would send afternoon tea up to us in the paddock). The girls were so keen to serve it to me.
I taught my first English class with Form 1. It was an introductory lesson using the photos I had taken with me. The girls had so many interesting/personal questions which they asked easily and I found myself telling them my age, why I didn’t have a husband, all about Mum & Dad, my children, sisters brother, all the nieces and nephews including ages, what everyone does/likes/wears, where I have lived, the animals and beaches, school in Aus, swimming and my squad kids.........
Lunch came so quickly yet it was a double lesson! I worked in the classroom with Elena and Camilla as they were teaching Nutrition with a focus on Health....and after school we enjoyed their Music club.

(So.....Who did win the Melbourne Cup??....It's hard to believe that I didn't even give it a thought today until now! I hope you all celebrated in style and won heaps of money.!)

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