8 November. “SEGA GIRLS SCHOOL...Tanzania...!!”

Tuesday was an intense day for the staff of SEGA as we were heavily involved in discussing and making decisions on Academic and behavioural outcomes. The longevity and importance of this meeting prevented me from attending my English class and as a result, Elena and Camilla continued their English class to cover my time! Not teacher trained, but having had good teaching role models in their past, the girls yet again, have proven themselves more than capable of sustaining a viable and interesting class! Our theme for the week became that of Leadership as this going to be the focus of some of the curriculum work I will be addressing 2011. Elena and Camilla, very similar in age to the Form 1 girls, are certainly living examples of good leaders and are wonderful role models for the girls!

We had been asked to assist with several tasks which needed to be completed before the closing of school on Dec 3. One of these tasks was to create a 10 second video of our girls chanting their school name with pride. Our girls are certainly not camera shy!

They LOVE being photographed or videoed (and so does Baba Yona!)....so our task was easy. Our biggest decision was location. Outside posed a problem as the wind played with the clarity of sound so we made 3 videos: two outside in different locations and one in the classroom. Each one had its unique elements with various girls doing something to make us laugh, which made it hard for us to choose so we gave all three to Polly so she could choose!!

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