It helps when making bread, to add a raising agent to the flour...especially when the yeast is not strong (1 stubby of beer is ok but not great!) My second batch of bread with the addition of baking powder and soda was sensational! Definitely Fran style: wholemeal/crunchy crusty – all over/ and light and aerated inside!
I find it hard to resist crusty, fresh, nourishing bread topped with real butter and lashings of Vegemite (....and no one to fight for it!!! Lol )
I might need another tube of Vegemite soon having mastered the delights of freshly baked bread in a dodgy oven!!


  1. Yum Yum Yum! Your bread sounds delicious... I want some right now but with honey!!! Honey on the crusts of fresh bread with the lashings of butter you mentioned is my favourite! xoxo

  2. Sounds like you need some long life yeast in the post????
    x Lynn

  3. Honey will be the back up, only I'm not really a sweet tooth. Peanut butter is eaten in abundance over here. It's cheap and nice with honey as a treat!
    You're always the thinker Lynn....yeast would be easy as there is always warmth to help with proving....however, I must say, the beer bread is quick and easy that I have the right ingredients! Tuta onana baadye. Catch you soon. xx


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