Kilakala Schule ya Viziwi. School of the deaf.

Raheema arrived just as I was starting to water the garden this evening. The Non-Formals had been into town to an HIV/AIDs forum which unfortunately had challenges in its delivery, however having reported this minor fact, Raheema excitedly shared with me that she was so very, very happy today. When she had been at the meeting there were deaf children signing to each other. She was able to tell me many of the things they had said to each other with their signing! She was so excited and I was so proud of her! Renee had only spent 2 hours with our girls last week, teaching them Kiswahili signing and, here was Raheema, able to relate to these children in public!
I was thrilled as yesterday I visited Kilikala Deaf School at Renee’s suggestion in the hope of doing some community work with them during 2011. Some of our students had asked for this so I am pursuing it as part of our leadership program which I hope, will incorporate a community service aspect. Furaha, the Headmistress, was so welcoming and very accepting and excited by the prospect of a SEGA/Kilikala team!
As I walked through the school, visiting the classrooms with Furaha, the children signed excitedly, welcoming me and especially noting my mzungu skin, long hair, sunglasses and jewellery. Apparently after spending s short time with you, they give you a ‘signed name’...I know my name will be related to one of these things!
I am looking forward to pursuing this project and to visiting the deaf school at which Renee works, in Dodoma this Friday. Mae and I are travelling the 3 hours to be with the other Dodoma Volunteers, share our experiences, check out their community and relax!

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