Pole sana!...so sorry!

“Pole Sana... Gem, AJ, Dyl, Mum, Evie, GT,....etc....”
I have just discovered on my phone that so many of the texts I have sent during the past few weeks have, in fact, ‘failed to send’ !
I nearly cried at this!!! Many of them were just short texts telling the recipient that I was thinking of them or about something that I was doing that I wanted to share at the time!!!
I have reassured myself that maybe my thought have reached you!...Obviously not in the tangible form of a text but in.......... a warm fuzzy feeling/ a shiver down your spine/ a fleeting thought you might have had of me/......
I think of you all often!!
Another frustrating occurrence here in Tanzania is connected with the postal service.
Apparently some packages don’t reach their destinations....
So maybe if you have sent me something by snail mail please alert me to be on the lookout for it! At this stage I have only received a map of Aus by snail mail from Mum!
Please don’t let this deter you....instead be very clear with the address:

SEGA Girls School
PO Box 273

...and put your address clearly in the top left corner on front of the item.
I would love to receive a letter or two from you!!!


  1. Hi Fran,
    Although we wanted it to be a surprise we posted some snail mail to you last Monday... Fingers crossed it safely arrives to you!!!
    Love all of us xoxo

  2. Thanks so much....can't wait for the snails to start moving!! xx


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