Saturday 4 Dec. Choma. Hiking the hills.

Still no gas so Mama Pili’s chapattis were devoured....nzuri sana!!....before we headed by daladala to meet Mustafa (our occassional gardener, guide, strawberry farmer and friend) at Pira’s and so begin our adventure in the Uluguru Mountains through the Choma area. Picturesque landscape filled with tiny villages of 3-5 mudbrick homes....the dirt track wound ever onwards and upwards eventually revealing a beautiful, tranquil waterfall. An oasis in a very parched landscape.....

“Problem, strawberries...problem, no rain.....problem....!!!” So many problems however laughter and smiles were always abundant.
We stopped at Mustafa’s home, met his brothers, sisters, Mother and the neighbourhood of inquisitive friends. What an honor to be able to share time with them.

Weary, but happy that we had walked the track and had a glimpse of life in the hills, we visited the sokoni, purchased some fruit then spent some time relaxing at home.

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