28-29 Nov. Visitors

Arriving home from Dodoma, we happily greeted Tracey, Sadie and Belle who had taken time out from Dar to share a week with us. Having been instrumental in organising representation at the World Aid Day event, Tracey was committed to working Mon and Tues at the Saba Saba venue. Sadie, a final year Secondary student, studying online, and doing her major project on Education in Tanzania, was looking forward to talking with Polly, hearing her story and perspective on this vast topic! Belle came armed with her computer as she is just as busy with her Distant Ed studies! All nine of us successfully loaded into Polly’s car and decided that Dragonaires was a fitting venue for dinner together!!

Our girls love visitors....and it was no different when Sadie and Belle arrived. They easily became members of the SEGA family, blending in beautifully....joining us in trying to dance as only the Africans can, and laughing as loudly as the girls did at our efforts!! I’m afraid I just don’t have the same shape or build as these girls do to effectively shake my bootie...so I can totally understand the laughter!!


  1. Expect a very heavy parcel in snail mail Fran - I hope to send you some of my ample Bootie, so that you can get down and do some real shaking!
    x Lynn

  2. Hi Fran, great to hear from you. Pip and her group are currently in Iringa - staying somewhere in relative luxury apparently! THey are there till Saturday I think, doing a community project for Neema crafts disabled workshop - i think - somewhere in Iringa - sorry i'm not more definite. She has an Australian phone number with her but I think she keeps it switched off most of the time - number is +61 406 657744 . The group has set up a blog - you may like to look at what they have done so far and their experiences in Morogoro - it may also give you a clue as to where they are now! Its http://wctanzaniacarey.blogspot.com They seem to be having a ball so far! I'm sure they'd love to see you and hear what you're doing there if you are able! One of the girls she is there with is her best frend, Bree, whose mum, Julie, is also a good friend of Prue's!
    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Lynn....you are a gem! thank you.
    Jen I have messaged Pip to try an catch her in Iringa! I can't believe that I missed them in Moro!!! ....just wasn't meant to be but I am so happy that they are happy and having a ball! Hope we connect! I will keep you posted!! Cheers. F


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