The new canteen had been beautifully transformed into the setting for the Non –formals’Graduation ceremony.
SOME MUCH EXCITEMENT.....The emotion generated by the girls was almost tangible as we arrived at SEGA!

Seating finalised/Practical settings completed/Honoured guests welcomed /guests from America, Paraguay, Canada, Australia...etc.../the ceremony began/ tradition and contemporary song and dance/speeches/graduating girls presented....

formalities over, we gave all the girls our little gifts....chukula ya mchana extraordinaire....then we danced....and piga picha kubwah taken....even Baba Yona joined in and partied!
So much happiness.
Back to White Housie/Red Gates....2 more visitors, Anna and Subina from Germany whom Camilla and Elena had met on Zanzibar. Fresh bread baked, vegetables prepared for dinner.....another unforeseen predicament....We were OUT OF GAS...NO....not out of electricity, OR out of water, BUT out of GAS...with not a single back up of power!!!! So fresh bread and whatever we could find as a topping that didn’t need cooking. Nothing like having a houseful of visitors and only being able to offer bread and wine! Atleast the bread was freshly baked and the wine chilled! Hamna shida! We laughed our way through our gourmet meal which was our last supper as kesho asubuhi: Camilla and Elena depart for Kilimanjaro and Sadie and Belle return to Dar to rescue their folks from the loneliness of being without kids!
Saturday was an early start for them as they collected some warm sweaters from Polly’s who returned to farewell all the girls...”Kwa heri...Goodbye; Safari njema, safe travelling; furahi sana...have heaps of fun;
I will miss all of you!!

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