A VERY busy last week at school!!

This past week has flown by so quickly/has been jam packed with preparation/action/delivery of so many big and little things that to share all of them with you would take me forever to write and you forever to read! I will try and give you an insight into the events but be mindful, in between these ones there were many smaller ones that, between all of us, we managed to complete! What a team!
Amongst all of this Wendy, Gem and I managed to finalise Zanzibar details so I have included my email to Gem so you can look forward to our adventure too!! Since then we have had Tracey, Bruce, Sadie and Belle decide to share in the fun:
Zanzibar 25-28 December

(DAY 21: Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar (B)
A ferry from Dar es Salaam takes us to the "Spice Island,” where we have the option to spend the next 3
I am assuming that Xmas Day is Day 21! I hope so as that is what we have booked around!
You will need to catch the 7.30am ferry to Stonetown which gets in around 9:30-10:00. Hopefully that is what your tour is doing. There is another one that leaves at 10:30 but isn’t reliable and can leave quite late, cutting into the day!
Wendy and I have booked the following:
25 Dec
1pm: Spice tour x6 (you 3, Wendy, Mae and me) @ $US 15 each.
 Transfer leaves from the office in Stonetown. Probably a private tour so they should take us to the former slave market too!
Experience Stonetown evening/night
Sleep in Stonetown at Wendy’s
26 Dec
9am: Picked up (x6) from Wendy’s to go to Prison Island and sand banks.
Snorkelling gear provided. No lunch. We will pack a picnic. This is a nice beach day as well as being with the tortoises.
Back to Stonetown.
Sleep @ Wendy’s
27 Dec
9am: Transfer from Wendy’s x4 of us in private car @ $US10. Drops us at beach resort in Nungwe! (I will arrange our return with him for next day)
X2 double rooms: bed and breakfast.@$US15 each.
Spend the day/night relaxing on the beach!
28 Dec
Return to Stonetown $US10 directly to the ferry to return to Dar es Salaam.
(DAY 24: Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam (D)
Leaving Zanzibar, we return to the mainland and another night in Dar es Salaam.)
I am actually going back to Numgwe with Wendy, Mae and Andre and his girlfriend 29th – 1st for New Year fun. I know I will need it to distract me from when you leave!!

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