Wednesday /Thursday 1-2 Dec......Xmas & Graduation preparations

Having arrived home late last night to a meal cooked by candle light á la Tracey, Sadie and Belle, we were slow to start the day, however because Tracey was returning to Dar we did breakfast together and headed off in different directions. Sadie, Belle to the pool, Elena, Camilla and Reheema to Saba Saba to experience World Aids Day celebrations and I headed into town to eventually discover a Kodak centre.
The finale of our day was Productivity plus!
Put 4 energetic teenagers together = ACTION → results → aftermath: A bomb had hit!!! But the journey was packed full of FUN! 

Messages to each student on a personal photo all individually signed/ Graduation collage/ Xmas music enhancing the theme of the night/ Sugar cookie mix transformed into MANY uniquely designed Xmas cookies/ charcoal is good for teeth.... so we and Kahawa have sparkling teeth but all the staff have the yummy tasty ones together with selected pics snapped during the last few weeks....(some members of the production line, having tasted fat too much of the raw mixture, opted to by-pass dinner!!)
My motto has always been: whoever prepared doesn’t clean up. Having been Head Cook....I landed clean up too, but very happily so! Biscuits stored safely away from the mice.....we all fell into bed exhausted!
Thursday started later than planned as Polly overcame the challenge of a flat tyre! The staff morning was filled with inevitable meetings until I finally joined the 4 girls in directing the SEGA girls in finalising letters to sponsors, bookmarks and Graduation song/dance routines. Our day culminated in Dinner @ Dragonaires with all the staff, including Tom a USA member of Nurturing Minds. We shared stories, fun, laughter, our cookies and selected personalised pics.
Thank you Polly!

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