Annual VSO Conference. DAR Wed 15 - Fri.17 Dec

 The Setting: Beachcomber Hotel/Resort

Renee enjoying chukula mchana.
 I decided to have a beer with the 3 boys!
 .......but ...then there were 4.....
 .......and then there were 5! It was the start of a big night of dancing to a live African band. They said they were playing their last number after nearly 2 hours of non stop music.....1 1/2 hours after they said this....they stopped playing!
Great value.....a beautiful setting....and heaps of  fun social people to share an unforgetable night  with. And.....this is only the first day

 Clare, Renee, Tracey, Belle

 Cheeky Mae and the band!
 Dancing the night away!
 Some of the Party Girls.
 The Beachcomber.

 Just before my early morning swim.
 Hazel, Me, Zoe.
 Renee and I sporting Sadie's screen printed T-shirts. Saidie printed them to raise money for the Cancer patients at the hospital in which Bruce is doing music therapy.

Our adopted VSO!
 The comedy team @ Douglas' Desk!
Adrian, André and Mike.
Eating an amazing meal.....again!
Fran, Fe, Susan, Tracey.

 Alison's presentation
Susannah and John...a lovely Irish couple working near Moshi.

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