Tuesday 7 Dec. Sharing Skills....Changing Lives!

I made an early start into town to get photos printed and shopping done. Subira helped me shop and by-pass mzungu bei! As soon as I approach a vendor they think...
“Mzungu...she will have money....I will charge her x3 times the value!”
I am aware of this, frustrated by it but not savvy enough yet to know acceptable prices...The vendors who have realised that I am reasonable and have been fair to me are the ones to whom I have returned and purchased from. It wears me down as I am always trying to get them to understand that I am LIVING here.... that I am NOT a tourist and that I DON’T have heaps of money....but then I suppose it’s all relative really!!!!
VSO’s motto is: ‘Sharing skills; Changing lives’.....I have realised that this is a two way exchange: Subira you have certainly been a part of this for me! Thank you...I had fun learning and sharing my morning with you!
Rahema was keen to learn how to bake using mzungu methods and I had promised her that we would bake her family a banana cake. I explained that importance of baking powder and soda as she happily mixed the batter and poured it into the paper cups ready for cooking. Preparing the yeast for the bread was easy to explain as its purpose was similar to the baking powder!
Whilst the cake baked and the yeast fermented, she decided our pots needed cleaning (Mzungu’s just don’t know how to clean properly!) So often I have become Rahema’s student as she has carefully explained the Tanzanian method. Result = x3 shining, sparkling clean, pots and a beaming Rahema!

 The first picking of our mchicha
Reluctantly she headed home, a freshly baked cake under one arm, a huge, freshly picked bunch of mchicha under the other and a pipi (barley sugar) for her brother secured in her hand. She won’t see me until Sunday but is happy to be coming to water the garden and play with Kehawa!
With not power and nothing packed for my safari, I crawled into bed to the sound of torrential rain drumming on the roof and instantly fell asleep!
PS: .... excitement today: The snails are moving! Letters arrived from Katie and Laura....Nina furahi sana! I am so happy!


  1. i love you aunty fran xoxoxoxo
    Love Lachlan

  2. Asante sana watoto yangu. Thanks heaps my young man!! Nina kupenda pia. I love you too. xxxx

  3. I'm glad to hear you are getting some of our rain too.... Ha Ha. But I think your temperature might be a bit hotter.
    Are you ever going to slow down....... Ha Ha
    Love Eily xx


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