Socialising and finding the Xmas spirit in Dar....before and after AVC. 2010

 Level 8 @ The Kilamanjaro Motel. 5star luxury and views.... 
We decided to treat ourselves to the delight of both!
 The Cocktails Girls!
Our celebratory treat....We really were on holidays!

 Xams tree #1.
 Xmas Carols @ Two Trees Hilton resort.

 My 'SJP' look!
 The piano man and his groupies!
Fredrique, me, Bruce, Liesbeth, Wendy.
 Xmas Tree #2.
 Xmas Tree #3....
Hoping to get served pizza @ Slipway....unfortunately the kitchen had shut.....and so had all the other restaurants! Oh well....just as well the Christmas carols were sensational!

 Camilla, Elena and the badaji trying to get to the beach!

 me, Camilla, Sadie, Fredrique, Liesbeth, Tracey, Belle, Elena.
@ Cine Club....just chilling out.
 'My Girls'
Camilla, Sadie, Belle, Elena.
Firstly, Camilla's Mum's flight was cancelled....but she mamaged to get on the same flight as Elena's, having had fun in Dar all day, we headed to the airport....
luckily the flat tyre caused only a short delay!
We waited nearly an hour after the flight was supposed to have landed....still not sure if the families were really on the plane....when finally Elena's family walked through the gates. Camilla's mum arrived later but minus her luggage! Such relief that they actually got out of snow tortured America

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  1. Hi Fran - enjoy your first African Christmas - I am sure it will be a bitter sweet one for you.
    We are thinking of you, Ho Ho Ho.
    xx Lynn, Arth, Shar, Lana and Abby.


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