Monday 6 Dec. Skills for Subira

I am sitting here in total darkness as, yet again, the electricity has gone off but at least now we have gas! This I am excited about because I picked a fresh bunch of mchicha and enjoyed my first meal of produce from our veg garden! I had to venture out in the rain with my headlight and pick the crop, assisted by the natural illumination of lightening. The long awaited rain is falling and I have Angus and Julia Stone for company, singing Paper Aeroplane into my darkness. So romantic...Savoury mchicha and pumpkin รก la candlelight!
My day started @ 7am. Having heard “Hodi hodi” at our gate, I welcomed Subira into my home. Having been delayed at the celebrations yesterday, I couldn’t receive Subira yesterday so thinking I had said come at 10am.....she had arrived! Hamna sheda! problem. I had been encouraging Subira, our Form 1...soon to be Form 2 student.... in learning the skills involved in photography. Friday she had captured most of the Graduation ceremony. Today I taught her how to download from the camera onto Kelly, my computer, edit/crop/prepare and export the selected pics to the USB stick in preparation for printing.
Our trip into town was frustrating as the first option was extremely busy and told us to come back tomorrow and by the time we found a second option, the electricity had gone off! Kesho...Tomorrow will have to do!
Time in town was productive as my visit to Zantel ensured internet access (we will wait and see the authenticity of the statement!) of 2GB for the month.
Last week I made a decision to employ a house girl to clean the house. Tamasha arrived as arranged this morning just after we had farewelled Elisabet on her last leg of her journey to Dodoma. This time the house wasn’t filled with 7 people so it was easier for me to explain exactly what I wanted her to do. The linen took her all morning to wash and the cleaning, all afternoon. I had to buy some extra cleaning tools....another big dish, a mop to reach the cobwebs high on the ceilings assist this cleaning process!

Tired of shopping, Subira and I walked to her home. As we walked the streets of her neighbourhood, she proudly introduced me and acknowledged her friends’ interest in me. Her Mum, sister, daughter, niece, nephew and neighbours all gathered to welcome me. I had the pleasure of being warmly welcomed into their humble home which was obviously filled with love. 

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