Another Wikiendi!

Saturday morning I was determined to stop and slow down a bit! My day started at 6am. When I wake up, that’s it.....I have to get up and get going. I love reading but hadn’t given myself the time to sit still long enough to get into the final book of the trilogy “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. Having watered the garden....over an hour’s worth of time, I sat curled up in the comfy chair on the verandah, book in hand, freshly made crepes with banana and jam, freshly brewed coffee and a whole day to do whatever I pleased....and it was only 8:30 am! This was it.....Bliss............!
Two hours later, I got restless so swept/mopped/dusted the house and the caught the daladala into town.
You know when youj just pop into town to get a few things....and you come home with a trolley load???....
Well that’s what happened to me! My new basket weave, shopping basket didn’t survive and I nearly didn’t either! Riding a bus in Melbourne laden with shopping is hard enough (I know... having done it many times as a student!) but to even think about riding a daladala fully laden......
is stupidity.....mmmmmmmmmm........!!!!!!!
Oh Well.....I managed! No need for a gym workout these days:
“Simply living, is a workout!”


  1. Oh crepes, coffee and peace and quiet to read a book sounds like absolute bliss to me!!! I have about 100 pages of the first Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book left to read, but just can't quite get there... :-) But I will eventually, feels like I've been reading it for ages as you really have to concentrate and can't read with the girls around!

    But it doesn't surprise me that you got restless and had to get busy!! That's the Fran I know!!!

    Loving the pictures...

    Love Nic xox

  2. Enjoy thosed beautiful girls whilst you's just a different kind of Bliss! xxx

  3. Hi Fran, I'm sending your blog onto a friend whose daughter is flying to Morogoro tomorrow..she's only 16 years old and is doing a world Challenge thing...based in Morogoro. Jenny (who you met last Oaks Day ) is her Mum and worried about her so is going to email you to get info!!! May be you'll even see the girls...don't know! Love Prye


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