Friday 19 November

I have a little surprise!
We have been adopted.
Last Saturday we were sitting around just chilling out, eating mango chatting and biding time before Renee headed off to Dar. We looked up to discover a cheeky little visitor had made his way into our family room and was wandering around as if he had been here many times before! This was impossible as it was the first time we had met him and, we were to learn later, that he was only 4 weeks old. We knew there was a litter of puppies next door but hadn’t met them until that moment.....when we all instantly fell in love with him!
His name is Kehawa (coffee) and he has irresistible charisma. I was hesitant at first as I had been warned about having pets due to rabies being prevalent however, John our landlord has reassured us that we can take him to the vet any Saturday morning and get all the necessary shots for free.

Our unanimous decision to accept Kehawa’s adoption of us and have him as our guard dog was an easy one! We wait in anticipation of the transition into our yard when he has reached the grand age of 6 then Elena and Camilla will have returned from their 6 day safari to Zanzibar....
It’s very quiet here tonight as I sit eating popcorn with only my music blaring for company! The two girls left at 5.30am to catch the bus to Dar then do the crossing to Zanzibar where Wendy will be hosting them for 3 days. They will then head north of the island to laze on the beaches. They are doing the ground work to report back on possible must dos when Gem and the girls arrive at Christmas! Have fun girls....I’m missing you already!

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  1. OMG, what a divine little thing!!! So jealous!





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