Saturday 20 November. The Blue Bus!

I did a double take and had to laugh the other day as I was travelling home from school. I had looked up and there in front of me was the twin of the Tony Brutys’ infamous Blue Bus! Same color, almost the same size and crammed full of people just as the Blue Bus had always been. When my brother, Tony’s children were younger, the people mover was a necessity to transport all 7 of them (and the extras who were ever present!) Many an adventure was had by entering onto and becoming a passenger on the Blue Bus. The seats could swivel around so that all could face each other and play board games, UNO or just chat....especially handy on long trips. I know each of my children has a story to tell which included the Blue Bus!
I pass this Blue daladala as I go to and from school and am hopeful that I will get to ride it one day as its journey goes from town to Kihonda, passing my dusty track. Tony’s bus was always full of kids, their luggage and everything else that goes with transporting kids....the daladala is just simply packed with people....It’s 12+ seats overflowing with another 12+ people standing squashed together in the limited space....atleast I haven’t seen anyone hanging out the door...yet! There is no such thing as personal space here in Tanz.
 Pics of my vision whilst waiting for the school bus at 7am

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